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Ende mit 25

Nach 25 wirklich guten Jahren Herausgeber der Zeitschrift für Personalforschung ist diese Phase (heute mit einem Rückblick in der ZfP über die ZfP) beendet …..

Christian Scholz*

Editorial: 25 Years of Research in Human Resource Management

This is the regular issue #100 for me as an editor for the Zeitschrift für Personalforschung (ZfP), the German Journal of Research in Human Resource Management. I started in 1990 with Dudo von Eckardstein, Oswald Neuberger, Hartmut Wächter, Wolfgang Weber, and Rolf Wunderer. This first editorial team stayed together for more than 15 years, until one member after another reached retirement age and left the ZfP. This continuity was important: It was a great and productive time.

Even though I am still a few years away from my own retirement, 25 years (1990– 2014) later and after 4 years of having the pleasure of being a one-man show as the Managing Editor (2004–2008) seems a good point at which to step down. I do mean the term “pleasure” sincerely and not ironically. I learned a lot from my contact with colleagues, authors, and reviewers. I also enjoyed working with Rainer Hampp, who in 1987 had the initial idea for the journal and kept it moving forward dynamically.

The ZfP is one of the oldest human resource management (HRM)-focused aca- demic journals. Therefore, looking back at these 25 years not only gives us memories from a book filled with family pictures (that nobody else really cares about) but also potential insights into the development of the field; something we should all care about. –>more

…. und vielleicht kommt ja bald eine neue Idee,

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