Welcome Address for the Conference
Michael Olbrich

Conference Keynote: The Need for Academic Management of Universities – A Central Role for the Dean
Martin Paul

The Dean in the University of the Future – Challenge for an Academic Conference
Christian Scholz and Volker Stein


Session 1: Strategy of Deans and Faculties in Higher Education

To the Ethical Dimension of a Darwiportunistic Faculty System
Stefanie Müller

Promoting Research and Graduate Studies in the University of the Future: The Roles of Deans and Vice-Presidents
Graham Carr

Higher Education Charters: Implications for Faculties
Dennis J. Farrington

Learning From and Progressing With Each Other – Internationalisation of University Faculties
Daniela Jänicke

Session 2: Management of Faculties and Dean’s Competence Profile in Higher Education

Competence Development of Deans: A Mentoring Approach Based on the Strategic Collaboration Model
Anna Feldhaus

The Evolution of Performance Measurement Systems for Faculties in Australian Universities
Julie Wells

Gender as a Challenge for Faculties in Japanese Private Universities
Eriko Miyake

Matching Individual Career Development with Institutional Goals: A Case Study
Edgar H. Vogel and Pablo A. Reyes

Session 3: Faculty’s Autonomy in Higher Education

The Effects of New Public Management on the Autonomy of Faculties in Japan
Kiyoshi Yamamoto

Session 4: External Relations of Faculties in Higher Education

Middle Management in the University of the Future – An Australian Perspective
Leo Goedegebuure and Marian Schoen

The Influence of Global and Local Pressures on Faculties
Malcom Cooper

Striking a Balance between Academic Excellence and Social Relevance of the University of the Philippines and its Faculties
Christian Joseph R. Cumagun

Session 5: Performance Controlling of Faculties in Higher Education

Big Data in Faculty Performance Measurement: The Dean’s Role in the Brave New (Data) World
Tobias Scholz

KPI–Based Staff and Faculty Evaluation in the College of Engineering Technology, Cantho University, Vietnam
Chi-Ngon Nguyen

Strategic Management and Human Capital Management at the University. Would it be Beneficial to the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru if Deans Adopt it?
Monica Bonifaz

Economies of Scale at Faculties
Matthias Klumpp

Dean’s Role on the Policy Implementation. Some Lessons from the Implementation of Bologna Process in Spain
Marina Elias


University Governance: A Research Agenda
Christian Scholz, Volker Stein, Stefanie Müller and Tobias Scholz

Conference Communiqué

Conference Consequences: It’s just the beginning
Christian Scholz and Volker Stein