26.06. (Wednesday)

 all day Conference participants arrive


14.00h Registration (“Landessportschule”)
19.00h Get-together (Restaurant “Stiefelbräu”)


27.06. (Thursday)

8.00h Registration (“Landessportschule”)
8.45h Welcome to Conference Day 1 of the KORFU Conference (Christian Scholz)
9.00h Welcome to the Universität des Saarlandes (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Olbrich, Vice Dean, Faculty for Law and Economics)
9.15h Welcome (BMBF, DAAD)
9.30h Conference Keynote: Prof. Dr. Martin Paul (President of the Executive Board, Maastricht University, The Netherlands)
10.30h Coffee Break

11.00h Panel Discussion: “International Perspectives on Relevance and Challenges of Deanship in the University of the Future”

  • Monica Bonifaz (Peru)
  • Leo Goudegebuure (Australia)
  • James Turk (Canada)
  • Edgar Vogel (Chile)
  • Lothar Zechlin (Germany)
  • Moderator: Volker Stein

12.30h Lunch Break
14.00h Parallel Sessions
(16.00h Coffee Break)

Session 1: Strategy of Deans and Departments in Higher Education

Chair: Harry F. de Boer / Lothar Zechlin
Organizer: Stefanie Müller (
In which direction can deans influence the development of departments within the universities of the future?

  • Strategy Formation of Faculties (Lothar Zechlin)
  • Strategic Agency and System Diversity at Faculties (Tatiana Fumasoli)
  • Ethical Issues in Trying to Work Professionally. The Tale Between Two Cities: Professionalism Versus Realism (Ahmad Zain)
  • Strategic Management for Growing Faculties (Dirk Rudolph)
  • Transformation of European Universities: The Strategic Consequences for Faculties (Harry F. de Boer)
  • Challenges of Universities in Solving Societal Problems in the 21st Century: A Case of Makerere University in Uganda (Ejobi Francis)
  • International Strategies for University Departments (Daniela Jänicke)
  • The Relationship Between Dean and Vice-President: Pulling Together or Everyone for Himself? (Graham Carr)
  • Higher Education Charters: Implication for Faculties (Dennis Farrington)

Session 2: Management of Departments and Dean’s Competence Profile in Higher Education

Chair: Julie Wells / Edgar Vogel
Organizer: Anna Bohn (
Which management tasks should a dean initiate in order to build a university department with competitive strengths?

  • Professional Competences of Deans (Luis Vila)
  • Matching Individual Career Development with Institutional Goals (Edgar Vogel)
  • The Evolution of Performance Measurement Systems for Faculties in Australian Universities (Julie Wells)
  • Challenges of Overcoming Institutional Cultures (Pricilla Brown Lopez)
  • Public Relations of Faculties (Dirk Hans)
  • Gender as a Challenge for Faculties in Japanese Private Universities (Eriko Miyake)
  • Emotional Intelligence as an Indispensable Quality, Tool and Skill Every Dean Should Possess for Successful Horizontal and Vertical Relationships (Akinyemi Ben)
  • Networks at Faculties (Heinke Röbken)
  • Interdisciplinary Projects Between Different Faculties (Javier Trejos)


Session 3: Departmental Autonomy in Higher Education

Chair: Gianluca Adresani / James Turk
Organizer: Nathalie Strauß (
Which significance will the autonomy of university departments have in universities of the future?

  • Inner-Directed Autonomy of Universities (Hanns H. Seidler)
  • Bureau Professionalism and New Public Management at Faculties (Gianluca Adresani)
  • NPM and its Consequences for Faculties’ Autonomy (Stefan Lange)
  • The Effects of New Public Management on the Autonomy of Faculties in Japan (Kiyoshi Yamamoto)
  • Deregulation of Universities and Consequences for the Autonomy of Faculties (Akos Barna)
  • Faculty Autonomy in Teaching – And the Rectorate Setting the Rules? (Christoph Weiser
  • Cooperation and Competition of Faculties (Lukas Baschung)
  • Faculty Governing Depending on University History (Emanuela Reale)
  • Faculty Autonomy Strategies of Deans in Canadian Universities (James Turk)


Session 4: External Relations of Departments in Higher Education
Chair: Malcolm Cooper / Leo Goedegebuure
Organizer: Inken de Wit (
Which external relations of a university department can (and should) a dean shape in universities of the future?

  • The Changing Dean’s Role in International University Competition (Leo Goedegebuure)
  • Global and Local Pressure on Faculties (Malcolm Cooper)
  • The Role of the Faculty in the Era of Globalization of Higher Education (Amelia Veiga)
  • Faculties’ Responses to Globalization: The Influence of Organizational Culture (Jeroen Huisman)
  • The Relationship Between the Faculty and their External Stakeholders (Antonio Magalhães)
  • The Role of the Dean in Developing a Corporate Strategy: Building Sustainable Linkages Between Industry and Academia (Rosemond Boohene)
  • The Adaption of Faculties on Regional Development (Thomas Brekke)
  • Striking a Balance Between Academic Excellence and Social Relevance of the University of the Philippines and its Faculties (Christian Cumagun)

Session 5: Performance Controlling of Departments in Higher Education
Chair: Monica Bonifaz / Stefan Winter
Organizer: Tobias Scholz (
How will a dean be able to direct and control the performance of faculty as well as of the whole department in future competition in higher education?

  • How to Manage the College Based on KPI (Nguyen Chi Ngon)
  • Human Capital Management and Strategic Management in Latin American Universities (Monica Bonifaz)
  • Incentive Mechanisms in Decentralized Faculties (Stefan Winter) Economies of Scale at Faculties (Matthias Klumpp)
  • Profitability Management of Faculties (Andreas Hoffjan)
  • Evidence-Based Management to Improve Professionalism of Deans (Dahrul Syah)
  • Academic Quality Assurance and Financial Transparency as Relevant Tools in Faculty Management: The Case Study of the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations at the Protestant University of Central Africa (Célestin Tagou)
  • Self Assessment on Student Support and Welfare Services (Sauda Swaleh)


18.00h End of Conference Day 1

19.30h Evening Event: Gala Dinner (Wine-Tasting)


28.06. (Friday)   

8.45h Welcome to Day 2 of the KORFU Conference (Christian Scholz)
9.00h Interactive Forum (Part 1)
10.45h Coffee Break
11.15h Interactive Forum (Part 2)
12.30h Lunch Break
14.00h Panel Discussion: Creating Successful Faculties in the University of the Future – Conceptions and Suggestions”

  • Gianluca Adresani (UK)
  • Malcom Cooper (Japan)
  • Harry F. de Boer (The Netherlands)
  • Julie Wells (Australia)
  • Stefan Winter (Germany)
  • Moderator: Volker Stein

15.15h Coffee Break

15.45h The Process of Europeanization and its Importance for the Strategy of Faculties (Marijk van der Wende)

16.30h Closing Speech (N.N.)

17.00h End of Conference Day 2 and of the Conference

(status as of April 2, 2013)