The project background

The Global Performance Project (GPP) is a project of the Chair for Organization, Human Resource Management, and Information Management based at University of Saarland (Professor Dr. Christian Scholz), which has been researching comparatively and on an international level since 1995.
The project’s crucial part is a large international poll dating from 1995 to 1997, the results of which were presented at international conferences (eg. Strategic Management Conference (SMC) and Academy of Management (AOM)) and which found their way into diverse other publications as well.


The project’s objective consists of understanding behavioral patterns of successful companies in international comparison, and of creating corporate strategy according to the situation in different country- and culture-specific contexts. In this context, GPP deals with the largest-in-class enterprises’ behavior from different countries in their environment, and doing so identifies the patterns of behavior of the most successful companies at each time. The investigation relates to the enterprise’s strategy and connects it with structure, systems, Human Resource Management, the culture and, of course, success.