The Team is represented by experts of the universities of Saarland (DE), Strasbourg (FR), Tennessee (US) and Missouri (US) and additional researchers.

Currently the Global Distant Multicultural Team is represented by …

Chris Scholz
(University of Saarland,
Saarbrücken, DE)
Volker Stein 
(University of Saarland,
Saarbrücken, DE)
Christoph Barmeyer
(IECS Ecole de Management Université R. Schuman, Strasbourg, FR)
Allan Bird
(University of Missouri,
St.Louis, US)
Mark Mendenhall
(University of Tennessee,
Chattanooga, US)


and supported by …
Sebastian C. Scholz
(PRISMA Prof. Scholz GmbH,
Rosenkopf, DE)


additional researchers in 2000 …
Jeanne M. McNett
(Assumption College, US)
Martha L. Maznevski
(University of Virginia, US)
Joyce S. Osland
(University of Portland, US)
Doris Brunner
(University of Vienna, AT)